Common Android Games

Undoubtedly the Android platform is the most used among millions of smartphone mobile devices available today thanks to the fact that most of the mobile phone developers use this platform to build the devices which they release to their customers. Game developers have taken their time to develop some sophisticated games that run on the Android platform leaving the users spoilt for choice of which game to play. There are numerous gaming applications on the Google Play Store where a gaming enthusiast has an opportunity of choosing a game that best suits them.

Best Android Games

Since Googles Android runs most of the world’s smartphones, this article will focus on the best mobile games that you will find on the Google Play Store.

  • Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farm game where the player is supposed to take up the role of a grandfather and restore the family land back to its normal functioning and to feed the workers and the family. The game amplifies a normal farm structure while the player is supposed to make a decision relating to planting, harvesting, and maintaining the farm’s conditions. The levels are designed in such a way that you get points based on the work you put on the farm, which in turn helps you move levels up based on your input on the farm.

  • Bendy in Nightmare Run

If you like to run your lungs out, this game will keep you hooked on your phone’s screen for entirely the whole day as you seek to find what is hidden at the end of the race. Along the way, your character will pick up some energy and power to boost pawns that will help you complete the race.

With this in mind, mobile games are becoming part and parcel of our daily life activities, and we encourage you to read through the site for more information related to mobile games.