iPhone Games 2019

The iPhone platform has some of the most exciting games which one can play, and with the launch of more superior iPhones, such as the iPhone 11, gamers have a lot waiting for them in-store. These new devices come with advanced features, such as more storage and better processors, which help make the gaming experience a smooth one. When playing online games, you should install a VPN such as NordVPN on your phone, which will help make your connection secure, as well as helping you play games that might not be available in your region or those that haven’t launched in your country yet.

Cool iPhone Games 2019

Not all games available on the Apple Store are worth your time and money. This is why we have taken time to highlight some of the games you will find interesting and worth trying out. This list is not exhaustive, and you may find other cool games not captured in this article.

  • Dead Cells

Dead Cells is similar to the Dead Soul game; however, with the latter being not available on mobile, Dead Cells comes at the top of our list. Dead Cells requires you to master the partners the enemy uses to attack, for you to survive. Kill, die, repeat is the motto of the game, and it will definitely drive you out of your seat while playing.

  • Pokémon Masters

This is one of the best releases in 2019. The game is set on an island known as Pasio, and you will need to form a team composed of three Pokémon who will be challenging a team of three trainers from around the Pokémon world. It’s also possible to join forces with friends from across the globe via online play, where you take up the challenge together. The game currently has 18 chapters which you will need to complete to be crowned the Pokémon Masters champion.