Mobile Games Categories

There are loads of mobile games available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store which can be categorized based on the mode of gameplay, rules or the platform on which the game runs on. Mobile games have become popular among many gaming enthusiasts as these games entertain the players as well as keeping them updated on the latest developments in the gaming world. Before choosing an online game that will keep you hooked up for hours or days, it is important to read through this article to familiarize yourself with the different categories of mobile and online games. So we encourage you to read on as we have detailed some of the most common mobile game categories.

Popular Mobile Game Categories

Some of the most popular mobile games categories include but not limited to:

  • Board Games

Online board games are just similar to the traditional mobile games with some adjustments on the character and tools of play which in this case are animated objects. Some of the most common online board games include Ticket and Ride, Forbidden Island and Splendor, among others.

  • Multiplayer Online Games

The massive multiplayer games are known to be the most profitable online games because of the level of player engagement. These games are played by two or more people who compete against each other even when they are a distance apart. Players only need to be connected to the internet and challenge an opponent who may be miles away. Because of the intensive nature of these games, the providers benefit from in-app purchases and adverts that are run during gameplay.

  • Action and Adventure Games

These games consist of situational, fighting and adventure games where the player is supposed to fight through the difficult and challenging game mode and emerge victoriously. Many people like these games because of their adventurous nature and the possibility of facing it out with other players through online platforms.