Mobile Games

A mobile game is generally a game played on a portable device such as a smartphone, feature phone, smartwatch or other portable devices. From the archives, it can be argued that the Tetris game was the earliest game to be adopted into the mobile gaming scene back in 1994. Later on, in 1997, Nokia mobile company launched the Snake mobile game on their devices which has seen the mobile game being preinstalled on almost 350 million devices to date. The Snake game is among the most played mobile games nowadays thanks to its simple play mode and the fact that it’s a light game that can be played on almost all mobile devices.

With the advancement in technology, mobile phone companies do not need to preinstall some of these games on their phones as it’s now possible to download some of these games on the Google Play Store or Apple store platforms. More to this, it’s now possible for players to share these games on their smartphone via the Bluetooth or other app sharing platforms.

Mobile Games Platforms

Mobile games have been designed to run on various platforms with the most common platforms being Apple iOS and Google’s Android platform. These two platforms are being developed day in day out so as to support different kinds of games and other platforms bringing a different angle of speed and graphics. With these platforms, it has become easy for game developers to distribute their games to a wide range of audience and in different geographical locations.

It’s important to note that some games may be more popular in a region as opposed to other regions because of cultural factors. For example, the Asian countries are known to like specific kind of games which may not be popular in regions such as the United Kingdom or America.