Why Play Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry has changed over time with game developers coming up with mobile-friendly games that can be played on a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones. Gone are the days when mobile games were considered a destructive form of entertainment and people were being discouraged from engaging in mobile gaming activities.

Just like the physical games which are known to have positive effects on the body such as muscle building and as a form of stress relief, mobile games are also associated with some health benefits such as increased cognitive skills in both adults and children.

Advantages of Mobile Games

With this in mind, let us look at some of the health benefits associated with mobile games and their effect on the players.

  • Improves Coordination

When one plays a mobile game on their smartphone, they are not only staring at the phone’s screen but also on the activities taking place on the screen. Some of these games require high levels of concentration and lots of physical, visual and audio movements.

  • Improve Problem Solving Skills

Mobile games have rules that must be followed for you to advance to the next level. These decisions need to be made as quickly as possible especially where a move or level is timed. When people make these decisions they sharpen their decision-making skills hence enabling them to solve similar real-life situations.

  • Enhances Memory

Mobile games require the player to use both their visual and audio memory whereby the player is required to listen or read through instructions as the game progresses or at the beginning of the game or level. Mastering the keys to use when moving characters also improves the player’s memory.

  • Source of Learning

Mobile games do not only benefit teenagers and adults but also children. Nowadays, it’s common to find learning institutions incorporating various games as part of their teaching methods helping improve the cognitive ability and also learn other skills such as teamwork.